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  Wash Your Cases It’s alarming how many of us forget to wash our travel case after each trip! With each use, our case becomes more and more contaminated with debris and bacteria. Be sure to wash and dry your toiletry and toothbrush case if you are going to use it when traveling.   Dry[...]
Stress can be harmful to us in many ways. In addition to taking a toll on emotional well being, it can impact physical health by increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke, and heart disease, affect sleep and memory, cause headaches, and worsen depression. Not only that, but it can impact the health of your[...]
Losing a tooth is never fun whether it is as a result of taking a hockey puck to the face or chewing on a hard candy. A missing tooth does not just change the way you look, it can also impact what you eat and even decrease your confidence to smile. People often turn to[...]
Getting braces is not a fun experience for anyone, but the end results make it worth it in the end. But what if there was an option where you could fix your teeth alignment without all of the issues that come with braces? It’s called Invisalign and the benefits are endless! Avoid Pain and Discomfort The metal wires and[...]
When you lose a tooth, for cosmetic and health reasons, you should have it replaced right away. Dental implant surgery is one way to do this. It involves replacing the root of a tooth with a metal post that fuses to the jaw bone before installing an artificial tooth that looks and functions just like[...]