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Do I Need a Root Canal?

Do I Need a Root Canal?

If you are dealing with tooth pain you might be wondering if you need a root canal. A root canal is required when the pulp or nerve of a tooth gest infected and becomes inflamed. This is painful so any time you feel pain you might worry about need a root canal. However, with those worries also comes a flood of questions.

What is a root canal? What are the symptoms of needing a root canal? How will a dentist determine if I need a root canal? Is a root canal painful?

These are all questions you might be wondering as you bite down on your breakfast sandwich and feel pain. An experienced dentist like Dr. ArtinSakhaee will be able to answer all the questions you have, but for now, here are some answers to the most common questions regarding root canals.

What are the symptoms of needing a root canal?

The most common symptom to indicate that you might be in need of a root canal is tooth pain. You might think only severe pain can indicate needing a root canal, but actually, the pain can range from mild to severe. Also, just because you feel extreme pain, doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a root canal because there are other causes of tooth pain. However, if you feel prolonged tooth sensitivity in addition to the pain, or have tender or swollen gums, you might need a root canal.

What should I do if I think I need a root canal?

The fact of the matter is that there can be many causes of tooth pain. The only way to know for sure if you need a root canal is to have a dentist examine you. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you should call an experienced root canal dentist right away. Explain your symptoms to the receptionist, who may recommend that you come in right away depending on how severe your pain is. In the interim, you can mitigate some of the pain and swelling by applying a cold compress to the outside of your jaw.   

What steps will my dentist take for a root canal?

When you arrive at your appointment the dentist will examine your teeth and take an X-ray to diagnose the root cause. A dentist is the only one who can answer the question of whether or not you require a root canal.  If you are in need of a root canal and your dentist is not also an endodontist that specializes in root canals, they will refer you to someone who can like Dr. ArtinSakhaee.

Metropolitan Smiles Provides the Best Root Canal Services in Queens County, NY

At Metropolitan Smiles you will be in good hands for your root canal. Our root canal services in Queens are performed by Dr. ArtinSakhaee, a dedicated dentist with years of experience. In our state of the art dental facility, we offer dental services ranging from routine cleanings and fillings to crowns, dentures, implants, root canals, teeth whitening and more. We are committed to patient comfort and care, so if you think you might need a root canal, you should contact our office today to schedule an appointment! 

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