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How Can Restorative Dentistry Fix Your Smile?

How Can Restorative Dentistry Fix Your Smile?

Do you need restorative dentistry? Do you even know what it is? Well, restorative dentistry is the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of oral diseases. Treatments for restorative dentistry include everything from restoring a decayed to fixing or removing a cracked or looseone. Teeth that have been damaged by trauma related defects might need restorative dentistry to prevent disease and maintain your oral health. If you’re wondering how restorative dentistry might help fix your smile, keep reading to learn more!

Initial Visit

The first step on this journey is to see a dentist that specializes in restorative dentistry, like Dr. ArtinSakhaee at Metropolitan Smiles. During this initial visit, the dentist will examine your teeth and diagnose your condition. They can do so using everything from a visual inspection to radiographic techniques. Some minimally invasive procedures can be done during the initial visit, but other restorative dentistry treatments may require you to return at a later day for a longer appointment.

Restorative Materials

There are certain materials that are primarily used for restorative dentistry procedures. These include porcelain, composite resin, gold, and dental amalgam. Composite resin does include plastic and ceramic compounds that can be used with certain other materials, and there are also other metals that can be used in place of gold. The material used depends on your dentist and the restorative dentistry treatment required.


Fillings are on such restorative dentistry treatment that requires the use of the materials listed above. They often use dental amalgam to restore the surface of your tooth mainly for teeth located in the back of your mouth. For frontal teeth, composite fillings are typically used. Composite fillings are most popular with patients because they are tooth colored and harder to notice.

Crowns & Bridges

Another type of restorative dentistry is crowns and bridges. A crown is a restorative covering that covers the entire section of a damaged or chipped tooth. These are typically fabricated from porcelain, gold or other ceramics. Bridges, are a prosthetic replacement of your teeth. These are crowns that are located adjacent to the space where the replacement tooth resides.


Veneers are another restorative dentistry technique that involves a layer of tooth-colored material that is bonded to the tooth. They are typically used for upper and lower front teeth and can help improve the appearance of cracked or chipped teeth that are visibly noticeable. Typically, porcelain or composite are used for this restorative dentistry treatment.

Metropolitan Smiles Offers Exemplary Restorative Dentistry Services in Kew Gardens

If you are looking to fix your smile with restorative dentistry, look no further than Metropolitan Smiles. At the state of the art facility, Dr. ArtinSakhaee provides quality restorative dentistry services, among others, in a relaxed and comfortable environment. From crowns and bridges to mouth guards, Invisalign, and fillings, Metropolitan Smiles can provide the quality services you are looking for. Dr. Sakhaee is committed to maintaining patient comfort by utilizing a tranquil setting and advanced technology and methods. To schedule your appointment for restorative dentistry today, contact us

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