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Dr. Sakhaee has extensive experience in helping patients replace teeth lost to damage and decay with strong, natural-looking dental implants, using advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology.

Dental implants are surgically placed in your jawbone, where they serve as the roots of missing teeth. Because the titanium in the implants fuses with your jawbone, the implants won’t slip, make noise or cause bone damage the way fixed bridgework or dentures might. And the materials can’t decay like your own teeth that support regular bridgework can.

In general, dental implants may be right for you if you:

Have one or more missing teeth
Have a jawbone that’s reached full growth
Have adequate bone to secure the implants or are able to have a bone graft
Have healthy oral tissues
Don’t have health conditions that will affect bone healing
Are unable or unwilling to wear dentures
Want to improve your speech
Are willing to commit several months to the process
Don’t smoke tobacco

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